Comprehensive Periodontal Procedures & Tooth Implants

Keep your teeth healthy and out of pain with periodontal procedures and tooth implants from Sunny Dental of Brentwood, California. We make sure your teeth stay healthy and address your issues when you come in.
Healthy Teeth - Periodontal Procedures

No More Pain

When you're in pain, whether it's your wisdom teeth coming in or you have an infection, we provide extractions to pull the problem tooth. For nerve damage, we offer root canals if the tooth can be saved, and restored with a post and a crown.

Replacing Lost Teeth

For implants and crowns, we offer an implant if your tooth is gone. Our oral surgeon takes care of the implant, and comes back for the crowns. If you do not have enough bone to hold implants, we offer dentures for your lost teeth.

Protecting Your Smile

It's important to keep your gums healthy too. We offer periodontal procedures for gum problems, as well as deep cleaning. Sealants are a protective coating we provide on kid's teeth, and bonds on the tooth to protect your teeth. Additionally, we take digital x-rays to ensure we find all the problem areas.

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